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Quebec Permanent Worker Immigration

British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver)The Quebec Permanent Worker Immigration program seeks applicants with arranged employment, occupations in demand, or applicants adapting to the demands of the Quebec labour market. The applicants must intend to settle in Quebec. There are three different types of permanent worker immigration programs. Each program has different prerequisites.

Assured Job Program:

You need the following qualifications to be eligible for the Assured Job Program:

  • A job offer from a Quebec employer
  • Your employer must demonstrate that they were unable to recruit a Quebec resident to fill the position

Occupations in Demand Program:

You need the following qualifications to be eligible for the Occupations in Demand Program:

Employability and Occupational Mobility Program :

You and your spouse/common-law partner (if applicable) need the following qualifications to be eligible for the Employability and Occupational Mobility Program:

  • Have an employability and occupational mobility profile that enables you to readily adapt to the Quebec labour market. The key factors are training (favoured training list), work experience, age, knowledge of French and English, and previous visits to or ties with Quebec
  • Have at least six months of work experience
  • Have the minimum funds

Note: The assessment will take into account several other factors such as schooling, experience, and knowledge of French for all programs.

List of Occupations in Demand:

Physicists & Astronomers (NOC 2111)
- Physicists: post-graduate university degree

Chemists (NOC 2112)
- Unvergraduate (at least three years) degree

Mechanical Engineers (NOC 2132)
- Undergraduate (four years) degree

Electrical & Electronics Engineers (NOC 2133)
- Undergraduate (four years) degree

Chemical Engineers (NOC 2134)
- Undergraduate (four years) degree

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineers (2141)
- Undergraduate (four years) degree

Computer Engineers (except for Software Engineers) (2147)
- Undergraduate (four years) degree

Other Professional Engineers (2148)
- Engineers Physicists: Undergraduate (four years) degree

Mathematicians, Statisticians, & Actuaries (2161)
- Mathematicians: Unvergraduate (at least three years) degree
- Statisticians: Unvergraduate (at least three years) degree

Favoured Training List

University Level:

Agriculture & forestry
- Food sciences & technology: Undergraduate (four years) degree

Architecture, urban planning, & design
- Industrial design: Undergraduate (four years) degree

Fine arts & applied science
- Graphic design or communications: Unvergraduate (at least three years) degree

Pure & applied science
- Biochemistry: Undergraduate (at least three years) degree
- Chemistry: Undergraduate (at least three years) degree
- Chemical engineering: Undergraduate (four years) degree
- Civil engineering: Undergraduate (four years) degree
- Electrical & electronics engineering: Undergraduate (four years) degree
- Industrial engineering: Undergraduate (four years) degree
- Information technology engineering: Undergraduate (four years) degree
- Mechanical engineering: Undergraduate (four years) degree
- Physical engineering: Undergraduate (four years) degree
- Microbiology: Post-graduate university degree
- Information technology sciences: Undergraduate (at least three years) degree

Litterature & language
- Translation with speciality in technical & scientific fields in French & English: Post-graduate university degree

Administrative science
- Management information technology: Undergraduate (at least three years) degree

Health science
- Speech theraphy & audiology: Post-graduate university degree
- Nursing science: Undergraduate (at least three years) degree

Human & social sciences
- Library & archives science: Post-graduate university degree

Post-Secondary Level (requiring three years of full-time studies):

Administration, commerce & information technology
- Information technology techniques

Agriculture & fishing
- Animal health techniques
- Animal production technology
- Agricultural equipment technology

Food & tourism
- Food transformation technology
- Hotel management techniques

- Water purification
- Analytic chemistry techniques
- Biology chemistry techniques

- Physical technology
- Computer systems technology
- Electronic design technology

Motorized equipment maintenance
- Aircraft maintenance

Mechanical fabrication
- Industrial engineering technology
- Mechanical engineering techniques
- Plastics transformation techniques
- Aircraft construction

Forestry & paper
- Paper mill techniques

Health techniques
- Radio oncology techniques
- Visual orthosis techniques
- Nursing care

Minimum Funds (in CAD)

  One adult Two adults
No children $2,575 $3,776
1 child (younger than 18 years) $3,460 $4,230
2 children (younger than 18 years) $3,905 $4,565
3 children (younger than 18 years) $4,351 $4,900

If you would like to immigrate to Quebec as a permanent worker, please fill out a Quebec Permanent Worker Free Assessment.